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The on-demand, virtual
Parent Coaching Program

The Response Roadmap

5-Steps to Parenting
Your Teen or Young Adult
with Calm, Confidence and Connection


Parenting is hard. Parenting a teen or young adult with a mental health issue- eating disorder, anxiety, depression- can feel down right impossible.


And, the truth is, our young people are struggling now more than ever before. (Just ask the CDC.) You are not alone. 

You have spent sleepless nights on Google. You have listened to all the podcasts you could find. You may even have gotten your child a therapist. You've done so much to help them...



...but, you feel- no, know- there is more you can do.  You are sick of feeling like you have to sit on the sidelines when you know you could be an asset to your teen in tough moments.

You know you could help. You just need a little guidance, some compassionate support and concrete skills from someone that has been in trenches with teenagers and their parents. 

You're ready for a 5-Step Program that is going to restore your sense of confidence in your ability to support your child. 


You're ready for
The Response Roadmap. 

The Parent Coaching Program
The Response Roadmap

5-Steps to Parenting

with Calm, Confidence and Connection 

The Response Roadmap is an on-demand, online

5-step methodology for Parents to get concrete skills that answer that age-old question, "What do I do when my child struggles?" Designed for busy and overwhelmed parents, the course can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at your own pace, all while maintaining complete privacy for you and your family.

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3 Ways to Get the Skills

There are three ways to do the virtual Parent Coaching Program.

All include immediate and lifetime access to The Response Roadmap online course

and the monthly live coaching call.

Learn more to find our which one is best for you!

Computer Work

The Course

The most immediate, flexible and private option, the on-demand course can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. Get skills and tools to start learning today- all with complete privacy for you and your family. 


Online Workshop

The Course + Cohort

Move through the material with a sense of community and accountability, plus in a hands-on support from Bryn in this 6-week cohort model. Next cohort begins March 6th with only 5 spots- click below to Save Your Spot!



The Course + Coaching

The most intense and custom-tailored support, coaching starts with 1:1 60-minute parent coaching sessions built to individualize your support of your loved one. Complete the contact form to schedule a call with Bryn to see if this is a good fit.

Contact for more Information

Not sure which option is the best fit for you and your family?

Click below to schedule a free, 30-minute discovery call with Bryn. 

March 2024


The doors are CLOSED! 

Secure your spot in the next 2024 Cohort and be on your way to calm, confident and connected parenting.

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Join Bryn and an intimate group of fellow parents for six one-hour weekly sessions as you move through "The Response Roadmap" curriculum with added accountability and support. Group sessions will focus on answering questions and building skills to tailor "The Response Roadmap" framework to you and your family. 

Space is limited to only 5 caregivers ensure an intimate, hands-on environment. Meetings are held virtually. 

The next 6-Week group is coming soon, so enter your email info to be the first to know!


From a Mom of a high school senior and college student in the January 2024 Course + Cohort

"The cohort was incredibility impactful - 

having other parents and caregivers to discuss and process the lessons was instrumental in helping me integrate the skills into daily life. 

The net result is that 

the relationship between me and my child is improving - 

what a gift!"

(Can't wait for the next Cohort? Weekly time doesn't work?

No problem.

Get started TODAY with the On-Demand Course.)

Imagine if...

  • You felt CALM going into tough situations with your child- no matter how intense the moment of conflict?​

  • You felt CONFIDENT in knowing what to say and do to help when they struggled?​

  • You felt CONNECTED to the parent you want to be- the parent you know deep down, you still are?​

  • You felt SUPPORTED in helping your adolescent with food, body image and their emotional rollercoaster? ​

  • You felt ENERGIZED to take on the tasks of parenting a teen because you were REFUELED for the journey?

The Response Roadmap was specifically built for Parents looking to restore their sense of

calm, confidence and connection. 

Holding Hands
Hi. I'm Bryn.

Expert in adolescents mental health and parent support. 

Because no one does it alone, even you. (Yes, you.) 

Over my nearly decade of working with young people struggling with mental health issues, I have seen time and time again how, when we involve parents, we get better results. By providing a compassionate environment for parents to unpack their own fears and worries and equipping them with specific, actionable skills, parents are better able to support their teens- no matter the struggle. And when parents get support, it helps their teens. Period. 

Seeing what a game-changer this has been- both for teens and their parents- it has become my life's mission to get these tools into the hands of as many parents as possible. After years of doing live workshops and skills groups for parents and hearing over and over: "I desperately want this information, but I am busy that day!", I have finally poured all my most effective and concrete Parent Coaching tools and skills into "The Response Roadmap", my on-demand, easy-to-use online course. 

What Parents are Saying
"Seriously was too tremendous for words. Bryn, the way you validated us as parents in the midst of this, as well as the whole bit on emotional coaching was just SO valuable. It is IMPERATIVE for any caregivers of loved ones with eating disorders to give this gift to themselves."
"I found this workshop incredibly informative, relevant, and helpful to my journey as a parent of a child struggling with disordered eating. I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent in a similar situation."

"Bryn presented everything in a way that is so trackable for parents, no matter if they are in the middle of their child’s treatment at an overnight center or in the beginning stages, or in between… ALL of it, is just SO spot on. We could not be more grateful."

What's Included?

With The Response Roadmap: The Online Course

​You Get...

  • A clear, concise, easy-to-understand 5-Step Process for managing the hardest conversations with your Teen

  • 7+ Hours of Parent Curriculum in 3-30 minute manageable modules you can access on your laptop or phone

  • Interactive lessons with exercises, skills building and journal prompts to help you increase your confidence 

  • Actionable, concrete skills in every module to start using immediately to help you respond more effectively 

  • Lifetime access to the lessons so you can revisit skills in tough times or to prep for a hard situation coming up

  • Automatic access to all updates and additions to the course as changes are made and the course is updated

  • VIP access to all future Live Virtual Workshops on special topics like Body Image, FBT and Managing Social Media

  • A 5-page Resources document with over 70 of the best books, podcasts, articles- all curated by an expert

  • A monthly Live Group Coaching Call with Bryn to ask questions and get support on your specific struggles.

Woman on Computer
"But, isn't this is my fault?
Won't I just make it worse?"


After ten years of doing this work and hearing this from thousands of parents, this question still breaks my heart. It hits me now more than ever because, as parent myself, I know in my gut, that deep feeling of self-blame we often carry as Parents when our kids struggle. I hear you. I am with you. I am you.

We cover this in the Welcome Module, but let me tell you now: You did not "cause" this, whatever "this" is. Kids struggle. Now more than ever before. If you hear one thing from me, hear this: this is not your fault

And, it is also true, that there is so much you can do to help. As we say in this work, not using these skills didn't get you here, but learning these skills can help give you a path out. (Not to mention maybe give you a dose of kindness and self-compassion to help quiet that critical self-blame brain.) This is not your fault, and  you can help. Plus, let's be real, you deserve support too.

Mother and Daughter
Course Breakdown

The Response Roadmap

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Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 2.06.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 2.08.11 PM.png

The Response Roadmap...

Is right for you if...
  • You want an additional support to help you help your child with their struggles

  • You are willing to do some of your own hard work to increase your confidence. 

  • You are open to exploring your own biases and ideas around food and bodies. 

  • If you have the bandwidth to take on more learning and can make even tiny amounts of time to learn skills and tools. 

Isn't right for you if...
  • You are looking for a substitute for therapy. The course is amazing, but is not therapy. 

  • You believe your child needs to change, but you are not open to doing your own work.

  • You need to avoid any discomfort as you unlearn ideas that may be unhelpful. 

  • If you simply are not able to take on any more at this time. That is okay- there is wisdom there. Come back later- it'll be here.  


On Working with

"This seminar gave me tools to better support my child’s ED recovery.
Highly recommend to others!"
"Truly life changing."

"All of us walked out with sound and simple steps to take wherever we are in the struggle."

How long do I have access to my course? You will have lifetime access to your course.

What is your return policy? If you are not satisfied with the course, for any reason, I will issue a full money back guarentee within 30 days.

How long does it take to do the course? The course is over 7 hours in length. You could do this over a weekend- with alot of time and/or coffee- or over the course of months. Give yourself enough time to complete the journal prompts and really absorb the material, but I encourage people to move at their own pace.

Will I have access to Bryn? With your purchase of the course, you will will gain exclusive access to Bryn's monthly Live Virtual Parent Coaching Calls. Calls are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 2 pm EST/11 am PST.

Does this replace therapy- for me or my teen? This is educational only and is NOT a replacement for work with a qualified therapist. I would highly encourage that you and your child get additional support. Therapy is awesome (yay!) but this is not therapy.

Can I share my log-in with others? I would love for you to share and do this work with your co-parent or support team (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). Out of fairness to paying customers, I ask kindly that you do not share it outside of your teen's immediate support team.

Your next steps...
Get The Response Roadmap you need to navigate with confidence.

1. Click the "Get the Course" button below. 

2. Enter your information to get immediate access. 

3. Get the support you want and the skills you need. 

Legal Disclaimer

All information provided, including online courses and group coaching are intended for educational  purposes only. Coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. While I am a psychotherapist and abide by all mandates of my licensure, I am not your psychotherapist and use of this course or any Bryn Miller Coaching materials does not constitute therapy or a patient client relationship. If you or your child is struggling with a mental health issue, please seek professional support. Please see the FAQs page for more information and consult my Terms of Service before purchasing any products. 

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