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The Online Course
The Response Roadmap:
5-Steps to Calm, Confidence and Connection
in any Conversation with Your Teen

Pre-Launch: Spring 2023


After years of doing live workshops and skills groups for Parents and hearing over and over: "I desperately want this information, but I am busy that day!", I have finally poured all my most effective Parent Coaching tools and skills into this

on-demand, easy to access Online Course. 


This is my flagship on-demand Online Course that you can

access anytime, anywhere

and at your own pace,

all while maintaining absolute privacy for you and your child.

All of my best Parent Coaching curriculum, the course holds over 5 hours of video content broken into 5-15 minute bite-size lessons

Approachable, Accessible and Easy to Implement,

this is an invaluable resource for parents of teens and young adults

struggling with eating and emotions. 

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Monthly Resources and

Your Free

Parenting Roadmap

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