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Holding Hands


Let's Work Together

When a teen or young adult is struggling,

it is a whole family affair.

You know, from your clinical experience, that parents need (and deserve) skills and support, but it can be tricky to know how to juggle the family piece. 

Bryn Miller Parent Coaching can help.

Can Parent Coaching help my adolescent clients?

In a word, yes.

The Response Roadmap
The exclusive, on-demand
Virtual Parent Coaching Program

The Response Roadmap is my signature 5-Step Framework that takes parents from confusion, crisis and conflict to

calm, confidence and connection.

It is an on-demand, online Parent Coaching Program for parents to get concrete skills that answer that age-old question:

"What exactly do I do when my teenager struggles?"

Designed for busy and overwhelmed parents, the course can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at any pace,

all while maintaining complete privacy for a family.

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Let's Connect

I love working with passionate providers

looking for ways to up their family support game. 

Fill out the form and we can schedule a time to chat about how to collaborate!

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