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I'm Bryn.

I am an Adolescent Psychotherapist

turned Parent Coach.

And I'm also a parent, like you, trying to raise my kids

and keep my sanity. 

I love working with adolescents. Their spunk, their passion, their emotional intensity. As Amy Poehler's character famously said in Mean Girls, they "keep me young". (If you don't get that reference, run- don't walk- to see this movie. I am serious. I'll wait.) But in all seriousness, it is a gift to see the change and insight teens are capable of.


I also love working with Parents. In my experience, no one is more motivated to do hard work than a Parent whose child is struggling. Combine that with the miracles that can happen when we leverage the love a parent has for their child and we have a magical superpower on our hands.

As a parent myself, I bring a deep understanding for the challenges that arise when we love our children deeply and they are struggling.

In my nearly decade of work, seeing first-hand how involving parents in the treatment of teens has led to the best outcomes (with research to support these findings), I have specialized my focus on coaching, teaching and supporting parents, so they can support their teens and young adults.


In short, I believe that if parents get these skills, they, and their children, are better off. End of sentence. 

And because I have such confidence in parents, I am able bring my signature high energy and a bit of humor to all the work I do, ideally making online classes, workshops and coaching with me not only powerful and effective,

but also easy to digest. (So to speak!)

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