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Get Your Parenting Confidence Back

Bryn Miller Parent Coaching takes parents of teens and young adults from confusion, crisis and conflict back to parenting with joy again.

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Your teen or young adult is in crisis.
You want to help,
but you are terrified of making it worse.

You always used to to know what to do when your child was in pain.

You kissed the scraped  knee boo-boos from the playground tumbles. You calmed the anxious worries about the first day at a new school. You even helped them handle those tricky early middle school years.

But something has changed. Your teenager seems to be struggling in a totally new way.


It may be a diagnosed mental health issue, it may be social media and friend troubles, it may be just the ups and downs of adolescence, but, whatever it is,  you suddenly feel totally lost- as if you've been dropped into a strange new land.

Your old tools no longer work. It seems like you are always saying the wrong thing. You feel helpless. What can you do to help anyways?

Actually, there is a lot you can do to help support your teenage child with their eating issues and emotional struggles, even if they don't want any help or are pushing you away.

In fact, there are evidence-backed ways to increase your sense of calm, confidence and connection to your child, even in the hardest moments. 

As it turns out, you are still the best person to help your child, you might just need a map to navigate this new terrain. 

How Does it Work?


Get the Skills

Choose the option that best fits your life: The Course, The Cohort or The Coaching to 

to get the concrete, actionable skills you need to access your calm and build your confidence- matter your child's challenges, 


Build Your Unique Plan

As you learn the steps and skills, you will build your own individualized  5-Step Response Roadmap tailored to your child's struggles and your strengths. The work is interactive and action-oriented.


Connect with Your Teen

Use your Response Roadmap for tough conversations, moments of crisis and bouts of conflict. Feel more calm and confident, so you can connect- both to the parent you want to be and your child.

Hi. I'm Bryn Miller.

Adolescent Therapist.

Expert in Caregiver Support.

Imperfect Mom of Two.

As a therapist with a decade of work with adolescents, I believe Parents are the most important part of any teen's support system- no matter the struggle.


As a Parent Coach, I stand behind Parents of Teens, passing them skills, cheerleading in their ears and holding space for the struggles. Because I know, in my bones, that when I help Parents, I help their teens.

And as a Parent myself, I am constantly humbled by how (absurdly!) challenging, frustrating and vulnerable it is, while also being- what I see as- my life's most important work.

Let's be real: Parenting, while profound, is Just. So. Hard. 

Happy Family

Parent Testimonials

The most rewarding part of coaching Parents is hearing their success stories.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in one of my courses or do coaching with me,

take a look at some of the testimonials below.

"We have used the skills we learned in the seminar and it has made a big difference.  We have been able to diffuse situations with [our child] much quicker and it helped all of us stay calmer and less frustrated."

Live Virtual Workshop Parent

Feeling Lost?
Meet Your Map.
Response Roadmap

Get the on-demand

Parent Coaching Program

and start using your

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Have questions?

No problem. Check Out our FAQs. 

This is a new concept for many Parents and Caregivers. Click below to get answers to the most common questions. Don't see your answer? Email us! We would be happy to chat.

Legal Disclaimer

All information provided, including online courses and group coaching are intended for educational purposes only. Coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. While I am a psychotherapist and abide by all mandates of my licensure, I am not your psychotherapist and use of this course or any Bryn Miller Coaching materials does not constitute therapy or a patient client relationship. If you or your child is struggling with a mental health issue, please seek professional support. Please see the FAQs page for more information and consult my Terms of Service before purchasing any products. 

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