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Evidence-based tools

and an easy-to-use framework

for parents of teens and young adults

navigating mental health issues.

Get back to parenting with joy again.

Mother and Daughter

Teens don't come with instruction manuals.

Or do they?

Your teen or young adult is struggling. 

You always used to to know what to do when your child was in pain.

But something changed. 


You want to help,

but you are terrified of making it worse.

"What can I really do anyways?" you ask yourself. 

The truth?

There is so much you can do to help your child. 

In fact, there are data-supported tools you can use to

increase your calm, confidence and connection with your adolescent.


You are still the best person to help your child,

you might just need a little direction.

The Map (1).png


meet your map.

IMG-1082 (1)_edited.png

I'm Bryn Miller.

Adolescent Psychotherapist.

Caregiver Support Expert.

Seriously Imperfect Mom.

After a decade of work with adolescents, I have come to believe parents are the most important part of any teen's support system- no matter the struggle.


In coaching thousands of parents, I have seen again and again how these exact skills level up their ability to show up as the parents they want to be.

As a parent of 2 deeply feelings kids myself, I know how hard it can be to know what to say and what to do when they struggle. And, like you, I'd do anything to help them. 

Let's be real: Parenting, while profound, is Just. So. Hard. 

My passion is helping parents

parent with confidence again. 

Parent Testimonials

Live Virtual Workshop Parent

"We have used the skills we learned in the seminar and it has made a big difference
We have been able to diffuse situations with [our child] much quicker and it helped all of us stay calmer and less frustrated."

Weekly Skills Group Parent

"The event was very empowering.
Filled with knowledge, empathy, care and great tools.
I highly recommend it.
Bryn is very passionate and engaged in sharing knowledge and guidance to parents."

Live Virtual Workshop Parent

"This workshop provided me with incredibly useful parenting skills for all my children. Bryn keeps it real - her use of humor and her seemingly endless empathy helped me to envision how I want to show up as a parent."

How Does it Work?


Get the Skills

Choose the learning option

that best fits your life,

The Course,

The Course + Cohort

or The Course + Coaching, 

and get the concrete skills you need to access your calm and build your confidence.


Build Your Unique Plan

As you learn the steps and skills, build your own


5-Step Response Roadmap tailored to your child's struggles and your strengths.

The work is interactive and action-oriented.


Connect with Your Teen

Use your Response Roadmap

as a framework for all tough conversations, moments of crisis and bouts of conflict.

Feel more calm and confident, so you can connect,

 both to the parent you want to be and your child.

Portrait of Mother and Son

"The teaching was well done, beautifully and compassionately presented, and relevant.
I am ever thankful."

2-Day Workshop Parent

"The cohort was incredibility impactful. The net result is that the relationship between me and my child is improving - what a gift!"
Course + Cohort Parent

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