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Parent with Calm, Confidence & Connection

Expert Support for Parenting your Teen's
Eating and Emotions
so they can build resilience and get back to thriving.

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What is

Parent Coaching?

How can these skills help me and my family?

By putting tools into the hands of Parents, I can help you help your child,

no matter what their struggles are.

I work with YOU, the Parent, to support your child in ways that help them

heal their relationship with food and develop skills to handle stressors

so they can get back to thriving.

Happy Family

Parent Testimonials

The most rewarding part of coaching Parents is hearing their success stories.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in one of my courses or do coaching with me,

take a look at some of the testimonials below.

"We have used the skills we learned in the seminar and it has made a big difference.  We have been able to diffuse situations with [our child] much quicker and it helped all of us stay calmer and less frustrated."

Live Virtual Workshop Parent

"The event was very empowering. Filled with knowledge, empathy, care and great tools. I highly recommend it. Bryn is very passionate and engaged in sharing knowledge and guidance to parents."

"5-Steps to Calm, Confidence and Connection"
Class Parent

"This workshop provided me with incredibly useful parenting skills for all my children. Bryn keeps it real - her use of humor and her seemingly endless empathy helped me to envision how I want to show up as a parent."

Live Virtual Workshop Parent

3 Ways to Get the Skills

Individual Parent Coaching Packages

Ongoing; Dependent on Availability 

Hands-on coaching to help you better understand how to support your child.
In Parent Coaching sessions, I will tailor our work to the struggles most important to you and your family to give you a clear and individualized path forward.

Outdoors Meeting

Live Virtual Workshops

"Parenting Disordered Eating and Body Image Concerns"

Next Workshop:

Summer 2023

In this 3-hour Virtual Workshop, you will work directly with me and other supportive Parents in an intimate online setting to get concrete skills to improve your child's relationship with food, feelings and their body.

On a Video Call

Online Course
"The Response Roadmap:
5-Steps to Calm, Confidence and Connection in Any Conversation with Your Teen"

Whenever, wherever and at your pace

This flagship Course allows you access to over 5 hours of instruction broken into 5-10 minute modules so you can focus on what you need most, when you need it.

Working from Home

Hi. I'm Bryn Miller.

Adolescent Therapist.

Expert in Caregiver Support.

Imperfect Parent of Two.

Hi! I am one part adolescent eating disorder expert, one part Caregiver Coach and one part (deeply imperfect) parent myself.

(Just ask my kids. They'd be happy to tell you.)

With this trifecta, I bring a wealth of knowledge, a boatload of confidence in Parents' ability to help and a depth of empathy that is unrivaled.


Bryn Miller Coaching is a resource comprised of online courses, live virtual workshops and coaching for Parents.

Have questions?

No problem. Check Out our FAQs. 

This is a new concept for many Parents and Caregivers. Click below to get answers to the most common questions. Don't see your answer? Email us! We would be happy to chat.

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