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Live Virtual Workshop
"Parenting Disordered Eating & Body Image Concerns"

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Summer 2023

Your teen or young adult is struggling with eating, emotions and body image, and you have NO IDEA what to say or do to help. In fact, you feel like whatever you are doing is making it worse

Whether your child is having some struggles or stepping down from a higher level of treatment, this workshop will walk you through what to say when your kid says, "I am fat!" and what to do when you worry about their eating and emotions. 


In this 3-hour live workshop, you will get a chance to interact with me and an intimate group of parents and caregivers while you cover such important topics as:

  • What is the The Role of the Parent & Caregiver in Eating and Emotions

  • Eating: What is normal and NOT normal?

  • Understanding Body Image Issues and How to Help

  • How to see Conflict as an Opportunity for Connection 

You will leave with a renewed sense of confidence in helping your child navigate these choppy waters. 

Fee: $225.00 per Family (Up to 4 Caregivers)

Course Includes, a PDF of the Slide Deck to Reference after the course

and 4 pages of Resources for Parents and Caregivers. 

To allow for maximum participation and confidentiality, the group is held live and is not recorded. 

Parent Testimonials

Success Stories from Workshop Participants

"I found this workshop incredibly informative, relevant, and helpful to my journey as a parent of a child struggling with disordered eating. Bryn struck a great balance of providing a great deal of substance and allowing participants to be involved (a HUGE plus in a setting like this one). I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent in a similar situation."

Disordered Eating Workshop Parent

"Seriously was too tremendous for words. Bryn, the way you validated us as parents in the midst of this, as well as the whole bit on emotional coaching was just SO valuable. It is IMPERATIVE for any caregivers of loved ones with eating disorders to give this gift to themselves."

Disordered Eating Workshop Parent

"I appreciated the small group and safe space to talk with other parents and the facilitator. This seminar gave me tools to better support my child’s ED recovery. Highly recommend to others!

Disordered Eating Workshop Parent

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