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I'm Bryn.

I am an Adolescent Eating Disorders Therapist

and an Expert in Parent and Caregiver Support.

And I'm also a parent, like you, trying to raise my kids

and keep my sanity. 

With nearly a decade of experience doing therapy with adolescents with eating disorders and advanced certification in Parent and Caregiver Support,

I am an expert in the field.

Seeing first-hand how involving parents in the treatment of teens has led to the best outcomes (with research to support these findings),

I have specialized my focus on coaching, teaching and supporting parents,

so they can support their teens and young adults.


In short, I believe that if parents get support, their children get better.



As a parent myself, I bring a deep understanding for the challenges that arise when we love our children deeply and they are struggling.

Because I have such confidence in parents, I am able bring my signature high energy and a dash of humor to all the work I do, ideally making online classes, workshops and coaching with me not only powerful and effective,

but also easy to digest.

(So to speak!)

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